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EIU Country Risk Model

A credit risk model for countries worldwide

EIU CountryData

A database of macroeconomic indicators and forecasts

EIU DataServices

Covers economic performance and indicators

EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts

Helps you gauge market size, future trends, growth potential and market risk exposure around the world

EIU Operational Risk Model

A focus on operational risk in countries worldwide

EIU World Investment Service

A tool to support foreign investment decision-making


For credit risk management

Fact sheet about ktMINE on BvD products

ktMINE provides intellectual property royalty rate data


Financial company information - UK and Ireland

Fame for accountants

Company information on companies in the UK and Ireland for accountants - ideal for research, corporate finance and business development

Financial advisory

Empowering financial research, benchmarking and M&A research

Fitch Bank Credit Model

A statistical model on our Bankscope database


Company information - US and Canada

Integration flyer - professional services

Integrated business intelligence - optimised for professional services. Includes information on our new InterAction plug-in

Integration in pictures

Simple view of how to make the most of Mint within your CRM

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