Regulators globally are imposing higher and higher capital requirements on banks. The financial crisis began almost a decade ago but many banks are still battling to survive in low growth and low interest rate environments.

In trying to evaluate the credit standing of banks in different markets - what are the lessons to be drawn? How much capital is enough?
This webinar discusses:
  • The challenges and solutions sought by banks that are most in need of capital. The discussion will range from banks in Italy and other parts of Southern Europe, China and India as well as banks operating in emerging markets
  • The causes and effects of these different capital crises, showing which financial and market indicators are most effective in identifying and quantifying the key issues
  • For comparison, we will also contrast these situations to US and European banks that have successfully rebounded from the 'dark days of the financial crisis' when they required government bail-outs
We looked at financial indicators that showcase management actions and discuss whether the high levels of total loss absorbing capital should give us comfort or concern. Might these strong figures possibly weaken the political will that drove these reforms?
We concluded with a summary of the analytic frameworks and tools that will help you make your own assessment.

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Your webinar hosts:

   Claude-Vincent Gillard is chief production officer at Bureau van Dijk. During his  23 years at Bureau van Dijk he has supervised more than 90 credit risk projects. These include the initiation of the firm’s Fact Framework, a credit risk platform for customized analysis. He also led the creation of the new Orbis Bank Focus, and Orbis Financial Institutions solutions - Bureau van Dijk's new databases which offer the most detailed and contemporary financial format available for bank credit risk analysis, and include coverage of non-banking financial institutions.
  Sarah de Quant is a managing partner at Adeva Partners, a specialist training firm providing highly tailored training solutions and consulting services in credit, risk and corporate finance. Sarah has designed, developed and delivered individual workshops and entire curricula for many of the world’s leading commercial and investment banks, central banks and regulators, multi-lateral development banks, insurance companies and asset managers. With over 20 years’ experience in banking and training, Sarah’s areas of expertise are risk management and financial sector analysis, including the banking and insurance sectors, the money and capital markets and the investment markets (mutual and hedge funds).

Watch the webinar on demand here

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