A-Z guide: corporate ownership and compliance terms

In this blog post we introduce our new A-Z guide, which defines and discusses types of corporate ownership, outlines associated considerations, and includes related terms in the complex world of risk and compliance.

Oak Hill Capital pulls in for another food stop

Oak Hill Capital, the US-based private equity investor, has announced that its taking a bite of another food chain, with a USD 525m investment in Checkers Drive In-Restaurants.

How rich company information is helping the EU understand links between banks and shadow entities

Using structured data provided by Orbis and the European Banking Authority (EBA), the EU has created a working paper that looks at connections between EU banks and shadow banking entities.

Television Production company sale on "repeat"

Tinopolis, the independent Welsh media company specialising in the production of TV programmes like Crufts and Question Time, amongst others, is reported to be up for sale. Again.

The 10 biggest risks identified in AML4 – and how to deal with them

The upcoming AML4 legislation places a strong emphasis on risk, even publishing a list of elements to be aware of. Here we highlight 10 of these risk factors and offer possible solutions to help mitigate them.

Softbank to sell 25 per cent stake in Arm to new fund, Vision

Reports that Softbank is prepared to sell a 25 per cent stake in Arm could seem surprising on the surface, but further reading reveals the move could be in line with the group's broader strategy.

How much capital is enough? Upcoming webinar discusses the wider issues

How should bank analysts use stress test results when assessing other banks' creditworthiness? And how might they impact on the credit facilities offered to client banks? We discuss this in the run-up to our webinar.

Why you might be surprised at the levels of perceived corruption worldwide in 2016

Transparency International recently published its annual report, which measures perceived levels of corruption around the world. The Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 reveals some surprising results.

Some people are getting their lingerie in a twist over the sale of Agent Provocateur

Founders of businesses can often still be emotionally attached to a business even after selling it, and the announcement this week that 3i have sold Agent Provocateur to Four Holdings seems to prove this point.

7 ways new Orbis can help you work faster

The new Orbis database makes working with company information much faster in lots of ways. We've chosen seven to illustrate the point, as discussed in this blog post and a short new video.

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