Introducing your free corporate ownership resources

Read about our A-Z guide of corporate ownership and compliance terms, and a new poster explaining integrated corporate ownership and related risk. Both are available to download or in print for free.

Five ways to improve your company’s statement in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015

As governments around the world increase their efforts to counter the crisis of modern slavery in the global supply chain, we offer tips on how you can publicly demonstrate that your company is doing what it should to be compliant.

How some EU nations appear to be trying to weaken transparency in AML4

In advance of the implementation of the AML4 legislation, some nations appear to be trying to weaken certain transparency provisions in the law.

How Orbis played a part in investigating links between Russia and Trump

With significant attention being paid to potential ties between US president Donald Trump and Russia, Reuters calls upon Orbis's rich, structured company information to help report on a high level of Russian investment in Trump-branded properties in South Florida.

A-Z guide: corporate ownership and compliance terms

In this blog post we introduce our new A-Z guide, which defines and discusses types of corporate ownership, outlines associated considerations, and includes related terms in the complex world of risk and compliance.

The 10 biggest risks identified in AML4 - and how to deal with them

The upcoming AML4 legislation places a strong emphasis on risk, even publishing a list of elements to be aware of. Here we highlight 10 of these risk factors and offer possible solutions to help mitigate them.

Why you might be surprised at the levels of perceived corruption worldwide in 2016

Transparency International recently published its annual report, which measures perceived levels of corruption around the world. The Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 reveals some surprising results.

The hidden reputational cost of inadvertent terror funding

Some of the world's biggest brands are unwittingly funding extremist groups through their advertising efforts. What's happening, and how can you safeguard against getting fined or damaging your brand's reputation?

Smart sanctions and the US government's use of the best company data to measure them

Since Russia's Crimean intervention, what economic impact have US- and EU-imposed "smart" sanctions had on the companies they targeted? The US State Department relied on our data to investigate. Find out how.

What you need to know about AML4

As the 26th of June deadline for national implementation of the EU's 4th anti-money laundering directive fast approaches, we outline some of the key new considerations for regulatory and reputational risk mitigation.

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