Integrating beneficial ownership data with client onboarding and KYC systems

Yesterday Bureau van Dijk's Anders Rodenberg joined a webinar discussing the need for beneficial ownership data, how it can be sourced and how it can be efficiently and effectively integrated with existing onboarding and KYC systems. You can view it here.

UK govt passes legislation to strengthen AML

The UK's new Criminal Finances Bill features key measures including unexplained wealth orders.

ID system to support customer due diligence efforts in Jamaica

The National Identification System is due to be rolled out in Jamaica.

Could AI help banks tackle money laundering?

Artificial intelligence could be a valuable tool in banks' AML efforts, research has suggested.

OECD supports anti-corruption efforts in Greece

A collaborative project has been launched to strengthen an anti-corruption action plan in Greece.

New fraud risk management guide published

A voluntary organisation in the US has published a new guide to fraud risk management.

Blockchain 'could play a big part in AML efforts'

The blockchain concept - or more specifically distributed ledgers - could prove highly significant in future efforts to tackle money laundering, it has been suggested.

Singapore's AML/CTF framework 'strong but could improve'

Singapore has a strong AML system in place, but there is room for improvement, according to new findings.

UK 'faces rising corruption risk'

The risk of corruption is on the rise in the UK, according to the executive director of Transparency International.

Banks 'expected to digitise compliance functions'

Corporate customers increasingly expect banks to digitise certain support processes, according to Capgemini.

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