Aida PA is a database of financial data of local public authorities in Italy


Aida PA contains contact details and financial information on Communes, Provinces and Mountain Communities.

How it helps you

Aida PA is ideal to:

  • Search public authorities using over 100 search criteria (such as name, geographic area, local population, revenues and expenditures)
  • Create lists of public authorities and export all information in any electronic format
  • Customise your display and analyses
  • Compare the economic and financial position of local public authorities
  • Monitor an individual institution, and cluster, regarding revenue, expenditure and debt
  • Assess the implementation of the government's economic policies
  • Determine and compare the parameters regarding the internal stability pact
  • Estimate revenue and expenses to look at the option of outsourcing
  • Compare the revenues and costs of a public authority with those provided by public utilities - through the connection to Aida SPL Module, containing public services companies financials.


  • Economic and financial information and contact details for 8,100 Communes, 106 Provinces and 340 Mountain Communities
  • Complete history of “Certificati di Rendiconto Consuntivo” classified either for competence and cash going back to 2000
  • Profit and loss and “Conto del Patrimonio”
  • Public Authorities’ stakes in public utilities or other companies
  • Reports of single operations for each services
  • Istat codification, local population, and number of families
  • More than 100 indices: of autonomy, efficiency, financial independence, profitability and structure.

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