In the wake of the financial crisis, credit managers today are more proactively using technology, big data, business intelligence and portfolio management in their credit risk assessments. Credit specialists need a transparent, coherent and global view of their customers. 

Providing comprehensive coverage of private companies across the world.
Our company reports are in comparable formats so you can use them for international benchmarking and financial analysis. We also have extensive coverage of public and private banks on Orbis Bank Focus.

What we offer...

Robust financial data
Our financial template was designed for international benchmarking and comparisons and is ideal to help you create financial scores. Our reports include projected financial data as well to help you assess risk. 

Corporate ownership structures
We show you how companies are linked. Using our products you can see the financial viability of the group, or parent, as well as the company you're assessing. 

Financial strength metrics and scores
Six specialist firms have created financial models that are optimised to work with our financial template. They give you transparent, independent views, and predictive indicators, on a company's financial strength

White paper: Internationally standardized company information for credit risk
This white paper examines the benefits of a credit risk picture based on globally standardised company information. It discusses the methodology behind delivering one. And it shows how adopting such an approach can help your business.

Use our robust, standardized financial data in the way that best suits you, including:
  • standalone databases, like Orbis, with information on over 200 million global companies
  • advanced Excel tools
  • options to use our data in your own systems and workflows, including SAP FSCM
  • our own credit platform, Credit Catalyst, where you can easily combine our data with yours
  • bespoke solutions from our BvD Custom team

Get in touch with us via the form on the right, or drop us an email with your questions about using external company data for credit risk. 

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