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Bankscope combines widely-sourced data with flexible software for searching and analyzing banks

Bankscope contains comprehensive information on banks across the globe. You can use it to research individual banks and find banks with specific profiles and analyze them. Bankscope has up to 16 years of detailed accounts for each bank.

We recently added the Fitch Bank Credit Model to Bankscope. This is a statistical model that produces a financial implied rating and daily implied CDS spread for over 11,000 banks across the globe. This model helps you evaluate banks that aren't traditionally assessed by rating agencies and validate and benchmark your own credit opinions. 

Bankscope includes:

  • Detailed financials - statements are in multiple formats including a new universal format to compare banks globally
  • Interim data
  • Ratings, and rating reports, from FitchRatings, Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Capital Intelligence
  • Country risk and country finance reports
  • Stock data for listed banks
  • Directors and contacts
  • Original filings/images
  • Detailed bank structures
  • Economic country profiles and outlooks
  • Business and related news
  • M&A deals and rumors
  • Fitch Bank Credit Model for 11,000 banks

How it helps you

Bankscope helps you navigate and analyze bank data

  • Access very detailed information on individual banks
  • Create benchmarking analyses comparing a bank against its peers
  • Search by hundreds of criteria
  • View modelled credit ratings on un-rated banks
  • Refer to original filings using our library of scanned images
  • Illustrate financials with our easy-to-create graphs
  • Get a quick view of a bank's financial status and exposure
  • Monitor banks using our alert system
  • Look at a bank's corporate structure in a tree diagram and find all companies with the same parent
  • Use with our analysis tools including Powerpoint and Excel Add-Ins and our specialist credit tool FACT


Bankscope contains information on 30,000 banks.

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