Unsere White-Papers in englischer Sprache bieten informativ aufbereitetes Fachwissen. Dies ist besonders relevant für Professionals, die einen methodischen Ansatz zur Abwägung von Geschäftsrisiken oder zur Generierung von Neugeschäft suchen.
Der Content wird mit der Unterstützung von Industrie-Spezialisten erstellt. Wir gehen im Besonderen auf spezifische Fragestellungen und beweisgestützte Lösungen ein. Wir greifen dabei auf detaillierte Informationen zu Firmen zurück.

Corporate ownership resources
Apr 2017
A poster explaining integrated corporate ownership and related risk, and a complementary A-Z guide on corporate ownership and compliance terms. Both available in print or download for free

A-Z guide Corporate ownership and compliance terms
Mar 2017
This guide defines and discusses types of corporate ownership, outlines associated considerations, and includes related terms in the complex world of risk and compliance.

Working paper Measuring smartness: understanding the economic impact of targeted sanctions
Feb 2017
How the US State Department used structured company data to measure the effect of targeted sanctions on companies' financials.

White paper Assessing a company’s financial strength when you don’t have its financials
Jan 2017
Shows how you can improve your credit and supplier risk assessment by using scores based on non-financial information, and explains the science behind them.

Investigation Cross-border financial crime: corporate ownership, investigative methods and the case of Alcoa
Dec 2016
This piece looks at the challenges of cross-border investigations and how identifying beneficial ownership helps expose duplicitous connections.

Case study On the Brazilian Development Bank
Dec 2016
Examines BNDES's successful transition from discrete credit risk tools to a centralized and connected solution from Bureau van Dijk's FACT team.

InFocus Sanctions compliance: essential Q&As for corporates and financial institutions
Oct 2016
Part of our InFocus strand, this piece features the independent expertise of sanctions solicitor David Savage, a senior associate at Eversheds LLP.

White paper CRM integration: enriching, refreshing and centralising your data for B2B sales and marketing success
Jun 2016
Outlines the benefits and mechanisms of connecting your CRM system to the rich, updated information on third-party databases.

White paper Really getting to know your third parties
Feb 2016
Looks at how you can protect your business reputation in an increasingly complex world of third-party corporate compliance.

White paper Internationally standardised company information for credit risk
Jan 2016
Examines the benefits of a credit risk picture based on globally standardised company information.

White paper Untangling the world of private company information   
Nov 2015

Discusses gathering private company information from different countries and their varied filing requirements.

White paper Getting to grips with the challenge of beneficial ownership
Sept 2015

Explains the key concepts of beneficial ownership, an increasingly important area of financial and corporate compliance.