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Mint Global contains comprehensive information on companies worldwide. It's the Orbis database streamlined for end-users and for company-wide desktop access.

You can use it to research individual companies, to search for companies with specific profiles, to analyze a group of companies and to export company data into another package. You can use Mint Global for all types of research projects - it's widely used for business development and to enrich CRM systems.

You can integrate data points from Mint Global into your own systems to enrich and refresh your own data. We have various apps (including ones for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics) to help you use data from Mint Global in your CRM and other internal systems.

The information on Mint Global includes:

  • Company financials in a standardized format
  • Financial strength indicators
  • Directors and contacts
  • Original filings/images
  • Stock data
  • Detailed corporate and ownership structures
  • Industry research
  • Business and company-related news
  • M&A deals and rumours

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How Mint Global helps you

Mint Global is easy to use and helps you navigate company information quickly and easily.

  • Search by hundreds of criteria
  • Research a company in detail
  • Refer to original filings via our library of scanned images
  • Illustrate financials with our easy-to-create graphs
  • Get a quick view of a company's financial strength
  • Monitor companies using our alert systems
  • Look at a company's corporate structure in a tree diagram and find all companies with the same parent
  • Look at a company's contacts and how they're related to contacts in other organizations
  • Research beneficial ownership
  • Enrich your knowledge and internal data on companies
  • Create relevant sales intelligence for your business development teams and find the companies most likely to buy from you
  • View clear and simple one-page company reports
  • Use our predefined "SegMintation" analysis to understand your search results quickly and easily

The company reports are in a standardized format - the same as on our other regional products, Amadeus and Oriana - so you can search for, and compare, companies across borders.

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Mint Global covers around 375 million companies across the globe.

Mint Global has information on over 76,000 listed companies and over 100 million individuals.