Bureau van Dijk Top 25 Compliance Solution Provider in APAC

Bureau van Dijk were selected from amongst 750 Compliance solution providers in the APAC region as a top 25 Compliance Solution Provider.  

Added: 17/07/2017

Mint Directory relaunches as Orbis Directory

The Mint Directory has been upgraded and rebranded as the Orbis Directory which features a more contemporary design alongside continued comprehensive free information on companies across the globe. 

Added: 24/09/2015

New product launch: TP Catalyst Document Manager

Created to help with BEPS and country-by-country (CbC) reporting requirements, we’ve created a full document management system that will save you both time and resources.

Added: 23/09/2015

Proposed AML/CTF Amendment Means More CDD Efficiency

In the latest development from AML (anti-money laundering)/CTF (counter-terrorism financing) ruling being developed under AUSTRAC (Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre) there will be a focus on the measures that banks and financial institutions undertake in order to complete their CDD (customer due diligence). 

Added: 30/07/2015

The power of information

Our transfer pricing director, Luis Carrillo recently took part in an interview with World Finance magazine discussing how company data is vital if policy makers are to understand how changing regulatory requirements influence performance.

Added: 06/07/2015

Time to put policy to the test - defensible transfer pricing policies

Tax avoidance has hit the headlines with growing regularity since the collapse of the global economy in 2008, and transfer pricing is often portrayed as a tool used by big businesses to avoid paying their dues.
Our transfer pricing director, Luis Carrillo debunks this myth and outlines how businesses can ensure their transfer pricing policy is defensible – despite the current lack of clarity in the global regulatory framework.

Chief Executive Officer magazine

Added: 09/01/2015

What's changed on Orbis? FreePint has published a summary

FreePint has published a summary of recent enhancements to Orbis - our global company database. 

These include:
a 50% increase in coverage since January 2012 - Orbis now has information on 140 million companies
projected financial data and enhanced financial strength metrics
Integration of PEPs and Sanctions intelligence 
More sources of original documents and filings 

Read the full update

Added: 16/12/2014

BvD's info for sales and marketing

We're in various media this week looking at how you can use company information  more efficient sales and marketing

Added: 17/09/2014

BvD's transfer pricing expert in roundtable

Find out about the latest changes and development in transfer pricing

We took part in a roundtable recently and discussed base erosion, analysed the latest OECD revisions and G20 BEPS initiative and outlined the current transfer pricing landscape in various jurisdictions.

Added: 17/06/2014

BvD wins business intelligence publisher of the year - UK

BvD has won busines intelligence publisher of the year, UK in Acquisition International's M&A Awards

Added: 16/06/2014

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