We have a 10 year history on many of our products. Our software helps you research changes over time. Our searches include time-series options so you can search for values that are consistent over a number of years. We have recently introduced a new solution of our global company database - Orbis Historical

Our historical data solution is more sophisticated than logging into an old disc, or archived version of Orbis.
We have:
  • Linked historical data to current live firms. So you can see historical data of firms that you know are still operating today
  • Made sure all BvDID numbers are compatible with the current version of Orbis, so you don’t need to worry about BvDID number changes over time
  • Given the historical data other treatment to make it compatible with our current data. So any changes we've made to ratio calculations over time are all replicated in this historical data.
Our historical data should be used within Excel or another analysis tool. Our platform provides access to the relevant data for you to analyse in your own tools – it does not have interrogation software.
You use your access to the hard disc version of Orbis to identify the companies and pull historical data using the company's ID numbers.
Orbis Historical is still being developed. If you'd like more information get in touch via the form on the right or drop us an email.

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