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Try out our award-winning company and deal information for corporate finance research.

Comprehensive intelligence on deals, companies and comparables is vital to help you get the full picture and our information solutions help you find and analyse companies and deals quickly and accurately. Our databases are renowned for their global (and domestic) coverage of companies and deals - complete with historical detail, comparables, multiples and original documents.

Find target companies – quickly and accurately 

Our company reports include detailed activity information, financials, deal histories, corporate structures and numerous search options so you can identify lists of target companies accurately and quickly, and create quick peer analyses. 

Find comparable deals – quickly and accurately

Our deal database, Zephyr, has more deals added to it every year than any other product, so it’s perfect for finding comparable deals, even in niche markets. Deal reports include company financials, links to comparable deals, source documents, multiples and trade descriptions. You can search for deals using a huge range of criteria including 13 deal types (and over 30 sub deal types), deal financing, methods of payment, region, stake and values, to build precise searches across more than a million deals. 

Fast, streamlined solutions 

We link our company and deal data to streamline your research. Our integral analysis options give you instant and flexible peer reports for benchmarking. It’s simple to download data for further analysis and even pull data from our reports directly into Excel via our Add-In, straight into your own models for tailored analysis and with no manual data entry.

For listed companies our earnings estimates mean you can easily generate trading multiples and calculate current enterprise value.

Lisa Wright contributes to M&A Outlook 2016 in the Times
Raconteur has just released M&A Outlook 2016, in which Bureau van Dijk's Lisa Wright, managing director, M&A products, examines the UK’s place in the world of mergers and acquisitions, and reviews recent deals and trends across the globe.

M&A Expert Roundtable
Lisa Wright, Managing Director of our M&A research subsidiary Zephus, takes part in Corporate LiveWire's Cross Border Mergers & Acquisitions 2016 Virtual Round Table. See the full Q&A session with seven M&A experts (PDF).

Award winning M&A intelligence on deals and rumours...

We've won numerous awards for the quality of our M&A data. The 2016 awards are currently under embargo - but here are some from previous years: 
  • M&A research firm of the year - M&A Awards Corporate Livewire - 2015
  • Best M&A Data Publisher 2015 - Acquisition International M&A Awards
  • Intelligence Publisher of the year 2015 - Acquisition International M&A Awards
  • Business Intelligence Publisher of the Year 2014 - Acquisition International M&A Awards
  • Business Intelligence Publishers Firm of the Year - UK at the Finance Monthly M&A Awards 2014 & 2015
  • UK M&A Solutions provider of the year - ACQ5 Global Awards 2014 & 2015


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