With information on 200 million companies we are the resource for company data. A key benefit of our information is how simple we make it to compare companies.

Our information includes:

  • What companies do, how they’re performing and the people that run them
  • Financial data, legal entity details, M&A activity and news
  • Corporate structures and ownership

We have company information solutions offering both international and domestic data. We help both local and central government departments use company information to improve efficiency, provide local and library services, research companies and their peers in detail, develop regions and revenue and mitigate both financial and reputational risk.

Here are some examples of how we’re helping local and national government departments and not for profit organisations: 

Procurement – strategic sourcing, supplier research and on-boarding

Our company information helps you find new suppliers, run analyses across your supplier base and look at potential suppliers in detail.

  • Check your SME mix
  • Compliance with single source regulations – see our blog on SSRO
  • Research beneficial ownership so you know who you’re doing business with
  • Check suppliers for adverse risk factors such as negative news or links to PEPs or Sanctions
  • Understand suppliers’ corporate structures in detail
  • Get an immediate view on financial risk across your supplier base

Tax research – the tool to research comparable companies

Our solutions are used by over 50 tax revenue departments across the globe to research companies profit patterns and view them against comparable companies. We have the most comprehensive information available for transfer pricing research and make it easy for you to compare companies against each other.

Regional development

Use our domestic and international data to:
  • Find companies to target to promote your region
  • Understand the makeup of your local businesses and patterns in growth/decline
  • Enrich your data in your existing prospecting tools

Library services – provide the best tools for your customers

Provide our easy-to-use company information tools on public access to help individuals with career development and so local businesses develop their businesses.

Fundraising and donor research

Protect your reputation by checking your donors against PEP and Sanction lists, and use our extensive B2B databases to find donors by profile - both companies and high net worth individuals. 

General company research

With information on companies across the globe our solutions are the best available for researching both individual companies in detail and identifying companies with common traits.

We excel in company ownership structures and can give you instant insight into a company’s links to both other companies and individuals.

We also have financial strength metrics, unique company identifiers, M&A deals and rumours, detailed financial data, descriptions on companies’ activities, data visualisation tools and options for customisation.

If you have a challenge that involves company information we’d love to talk to you.

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