Professional service firms are benefitting from our company intelligence across a range of business challenges. We provide information on companies across the globe, including extensive corporate structures and beneficial ownership. 

Our data can be integrated into your existing workflow and systems, so you can blend it with your own client and prospect data and dramatically improve your efficiency. And we’re particularly renowned for our client on-boarding solutions. 

Your own research and business intelligence requests

Create tailored reports with detailed information on individual companies - including their beneficial ownership. You can also identify peer groups, do benchmarking analyses and access a vast library of original filings and documents. 

Practice management 

Enrich your client data with valuable information and get a clearer view on revenue patterns and client groups. We can seamlessly integrate with client acceptance, conflict and practice management systems such as Intapp Open and Frayman Group’s Compliguard Analyze™ and Flow™. 

Monitor companies using our alerts

Our flexible alerts monitor companies for changes including new financial data, adverse data and changes in ownership.

On-board using Compliance Catalyst

We can help you on-board potential customers much more efficiently. Our Compliance Catalyst solution is a process and data driven tool that helps you work through on-boarding steps including beneficial ownership. Compliance Catalyst combines corporate structures with PEPs and Sanctions data – so you can assess the risk associated across the whole corporate group rather than having to research each entity separately. You can also create your own risk model for company assessment. 

Conflict checking

Use our extensive corporate structures and company information to help you identify all companies with the same parent and research other conflicts of interest.  

Market your services to the right companies

Find the companies who will benefit most from your expertise. Use our search criteria to find companies of a certain size/activity/in a specific location, who are recently established or rumoured to be in a merger. You can include 'advisor' in your searches to help you assess the market penetration of your competitors and target accordingly. We can enrich the data you hold in your own CRM system with valuable intelligence to help you develop your business. Plus we have a specific plug-in for InterAction® via Fellsoft solution partners. 

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