ZEPHYR contains information on an unrivalled volume of deals and has no minimum deal value for inclusion. It includes global deals going back to 2000.

The search criteria on ZEPHYR make it very flexible and simple to search for deals that are relevant to your research. ZEPHYR includes a streamlined search option that is ideal for desktop access and end users to do deal research. Creating league tables and volume/value tables is very straight forward.

We have reciprocal links between our deal database, ZEPHYR, and our company information products such as AMADEUS. In ZEPHYR you can search for deals and link to financials: in AMADEUS you can search for companies by deal criteria and link to the deal information.

ZEPHYR includes many source documents so you can link to original press releases and statutory filings to corroborate your research.

You can set up alerts to watch specific deals and companies.

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