Our supplier market intelligence helps you manage your supplier risk and leverage your spending power. 

It brings your supplier data ‘to life’ by enriching it with our content, and presenting it in simple dashboards, so you can interpret it quickly and work more efficiently.

Financial and reputational risk

We’re one of the leading publishers of company information and our expertise includes simple-to-interpret, and internationally comparable, financial information, risk scores, PEPs and Sanctions, and probability of default indicators.

Using company information for effective reputation risk management 
Procurement Catalyst helps you:
  • be more effective in your supplier selection and appraisals

  • see where your riskiest areas are

  • monitor changes to suppliers so you can be proactive in your risk management

  • screen suppliers against sanction lists for financial compliance 

Insight for leverage

Procurement Catalyst enriches your supplier data with our market intelligence - so you have more insight on your supplier portfolio, including: 

  • ‘group spend analysis’ so you can instantly see where you’re buying from multiple companies in the same group 

  • ‘supplier dependency’ so you can see your spend as a percentage of each supplier’s turnover 


Structured centralised data that's easier to interpret

Implementing Procurement Catalyst as a supplier risk management platform means:

  • Your data is blended with ours and clearly displayed for easy interpretation

  • Your supplier data becomes centralised, stored in the cloud, structured, and includes archives of suppliers and your portfolio at specific points in time 

White paper: really getting to know your third parties
This white paper looks at how you can protect your business reputation in an increasingly complex world of third-party corporate compliance. Download the white paper now.

View our short case study (PDF) on how we helped a £1bn manufacturer and retailer perform extensive sanctions checks on their worldwide suppliers.

Get in touch with us to find out how our market intelligence can help you. We can help you get more insight on suppliers whatever your current data situation is. Contact us via the form on the right - or drop us a quick email at singapore@bvdinfo.com or sydney@bvdinfo.com with your questions. 


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