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Our BvD Custom team has lots of experience of creating solutions that help users get the best out of data.
We already offer various ways you can tailor our products:

  • When you’re using our databases you can creating your own tailored searching, reports, variables and fields
  • You can integrate our data into your own systems using our range of apps or our API
  • Our Catalysts offer platforms that you can adapt to your risk appetite, workflow, on-boarding systems and other preferences
But sometimes off the shelf isn’t quite right and you need something created just for you. Our BvD Custom team will talk to you about what you need and how we can deliver it. We’ll take into consideration:
  • Data – ours? Yours? Other external sources? Or a blend of all three?
  • Software – how do you need to manipulate the data and how do you want to display the results?
  • Workflow – how will the system integrate with your workflow and existing systems?

How it helps you

How we create your solution, and what business challenges it helps you with, is up to you. We have specific expertise in creating solutions that help:

  • Credit risk analysis in financial institutions – see our Fact solution
  • Compliance – client on-boarding, customer due diligence and AML research. We have the best research tools for beneficial owners available. We can completely customise our on-boarding solutions for your needs
  • Corporate credit risk and supplier risk management – tailored analysis, scoring and workflow are all available and can be customised to help you manage risk
  • Transfer pricing analysis, benchmarking and reporting
  • Business development solutions –bespoke sales and marketing data tools and CRM integration 

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