Fact is a flexible credit risk solution and part of our BvD Custom offering. It's designed to automate your rating and limit approval process. Fact can efficiently integrate and map data from multiple sources such as your existing workflow and internal systems, incorporating all your processes and stakeholders.

Fact has an open architecture allowing various data sources to be integrated from internal data, external data or information from BvD products such as our international company databases Orbis or Amadeus.


  • Manage and run all your risk models in a single platform
  • Align your credit processes, financial data capture, limit setting and credit approval to your requirements
  • Integrate internal and external data sources and models
  • Easily define and configure models, reports, business processes and workflows.

Our expert teams will oversee the project management and configuration of your solution.

How it helps you

Spreading and financial analysis
Fact is a powerful data repository for capturing financial statements in various industry templates.  Allowing you to analyse banks, corporates, insurance companies, countries, funds, project finance and real estate. Templates can easily be added including assets, liabilities, income and cash flow statements.

A library of internal borrower and facility rating models can be built into Fact. Various quantative variables and ratios can be used for the analysis along with qualitative judgmental and support factors. Once implemented, models can be launched in batch mode to monitor the portfolio on an on-going basis.  Fact can calculate the economic capital needed to cover your portfolios’ credit risk by using model outputs such as loss given default (LGD), exposure at default (EAD) and probability of default (PD).

Credit processes
Fact allows flexibility and control of all your processes by automating the creation of credit proposals. Credit templates are easily designed with the report designer, and can integrate any data available in Fact. Graphics can be exported by default into common formats such as PDF and Excel. Credit proposals for counterparties typically include limit information, proposed facilities including collateral information and internal credit ratings of the counterparty, generated by models built into the solution.

The Fact workflow module supports all processes that involve sending a proposed rating, a credit limit or application to the next level of authority. The module makes the approval process more efficient by organising and tracking credit analysts’ and risk managers’ tasks and providing a full audit trail.

Basel requirements
Fact is ideal for the implementation of the Basel II standardised, foundation and advanced internal rating based (IRB) approaches. Basel II requirements, such as the frequent review of borrowers, assignment of ratings to borrowers, rating history and rating override reporting, storage of facility and collateral information, can be accommodated in Fact.

Portfolio analysis
Fact includes standard portfolio analysis reports such as group reports, peer comparison reports and rating migration matrices. Fact enables the building of extensive limit and exposure reports and can provide rating overviews per region, country, sector and group.


Admin toolkit
With Fact’s administration toolkit you can create user roles and access rights. The layout of the financial template, rating sheets or credit applications can be amended with the report designer. New data fields can be added without any programming skills as well as new elements and relations.

Developer toolkit
Fact’s developer toolkit allows you to flexibly configure the application:

  • A C# script editor and powerful API allows you to implement complex business logic and dynamically customise the GUI depending on events or data values.
  • Flexible data models create an unlimited number of custom business objects to define your own data in FACT. Business objects in FACT can represent any item and can be tailored to your needs.
  • The report and model designer enables the creation of custom reports and models that fit your exact needs. Section components can be reused and flexible dropdown lists simplify and streamline the design process.

Integration toolkit
The integration toolkit enables the migration of models, scripts and other settings between different instances of FACT, as well as communication between FACT and third-party applications.

  • An XML web service is available to upload data into SQL, facilitating data integration.
  • The back office manager allows you to manage the release of your version of FACT between different instances (e.g. development, user acceptance test and production). It also executes complex data extractions and custom batch calculations, which can be scheduled.

A robust, secure and scalable architecture
Fact is based on a three tier architecture that can support several thousand users. It can be hosted within your institution or by BvD on dedicated hardware.

For more information, visit our dedicated Fact solution website.

Watch our video explaining our Fact solution:

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