Procurement Catalyst makes it easier for you to use our extensive information for supplier risk management. It delivers robust market intelligence and spend and risk reports, in simple dashboards, that add valuable insight for procurement professionals


How it helps you

Our comprehensive company information and market intelligence helps you identify and mitigate financial and reputational risk and improve your efficiency.

Procurement Catalyst is a dynamic supplier risk platform where your own supplier data is combined with our extensive company and risk intelligence.

It’s a very powerful tool that helps you spot potential risk quickly and gives you a more transparent view of your existing, and potential, suppliers. It also provides a centralised location to store and manage your procurement data.

See how Procurement Catalyst works

Information relevant to supplier management
We have information on public and private companies across the globe, including:
• reliable and internationally comparable reports 
• financial health metrics and predictive indicators of business failure
• extensive company hierarchies 
• PEPs and Sanctions intelligence for ‘know your supplier’, on-boarding research and supplier screening for financial compliance 
• beneficial owners - so you can see who’s behind companies you’re working with or reviewing
• relevant news and news sentiment
Procurement Catalyst shows this information in dashboards to help you monitor risk across your supply base. Simply upload* your own supplier data into Procurement Catalyst and blend it with our extensive intelligence for:
  • powerful, tailored risk insight 
  • supplier segmentation analysis
  • indications of supplier dependency 
  • analysis of your spend across corporate groups
  • screening suppliers against sanction lists 

Procurement Catalyst has been designed to help you implement best practice supplier management including: 

• supplier evaluation and on-boarding
• creating leverage from your corporate spending power 
• assessing and monitoring financial health 
• sourcing and benchmark alternative suppliers
• managing reputational risk 
*We have lots of experience in helping companies sort out their supplier data. We can help you get more insight on your suppliers whatever your current data situation is. 

Interested in finding out more?
In this video our Head of Governance, Risk and Compliance (UK), Ted Datta, discusses why reputation risk management is of increasing concern to our clients, and how you can establish a risk programme.