WalletSizing® is the concept of assessing a customer’s total annual spend on specific goods and services. Knowing the size of a customer's wallet gives you a significant advantage when you're planning and managing sales and marketing. It's particularly helpful to compare a company's wallet with its current spend on your products and services, so you can assess if that customer offers you more opportunity. 

WalletSizing® gies you a best-practice approach to more effiient planning and allocation of both regulatory capital and human resources.
Our WalletSizing Catalyst has been designed specifically for banks to assess the banking capacity of corporate clients on banking products and services. It's the ideal business development tool for relationship managers to help identify opportunities, plan more efficiently and drive performance optimisation. 

WalletSizing Catalyst combins the financial data from our comprehensive company database, Orbis, with modelled data from our partner Vallstein, a provider in the bank relationship management field and an expert in WalletSizing®.

Vallstein has developed a methodology that calculates a company's total wallet usuing actual corporate wallet data, as well as country and sector profiles, financial ratings and average pricing per banking project. 

WalletSizing Catalyst offers estimated wallets for nearly 32 million companies across the globe. We refer to these estimates as initial wallets. You can append these initial wallets with your own knowledge of a company to create adjusted wallets - tailored data to use in your analyses and planning. 

WalletSizing Catalyst also offers the flexible searching and analytical functionality that's associated with Bureau van Dijk's products. So you can easily aggregate wallets across industries, regions, company size bands, credit ratings and even corporate groups for market assessments. And you can combine search criteria to find new sales opportunities by region, size and industry. 

How it helps you

WalletSizing Catalyst is a powerful tool that not only saves you huge amounts of time but also helps you implement a consistent, solid and scalable WalletSizing® process across your bank. 

WalletSizing Catalyst is a completely scalable solution driven by highly innovative technology - it can support as many or as few users as you need across the bank. 

It helps you make more informed decisions in less time, and optimise your allocation of both human and capital resources.

It also helps you to:

  • identify sales opportunities with existing customers and new prospects
  • understand the business revenue potential offered by individual companies – and the extended opportunity offered by their corporate group
  • get a clearer picture of markets or your clients' total market portfolios – use the flexible search criteria to tailor your own market assessment
  • get a better picture of your share of a company's banking wallet
  • assess whether you have a fair share of the wallet – a balanced mix of product and services compared to other banks, and make sure your regulatory capital allocation is correct
  • allocate your resources to the most appropriate areas for opportunity
  • access ready-made wallet estimates – liberating your time to plan and sell more efficiently, and use consistent values across the bank
  • get a better understanding of where you should be looking to grow, exit or retain business and prioritise your capital resources
WalletSizing® is a registered trademark of Vallstein

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