Part of the Mint range of products, Mint Australia now has information on over 11 million active businesses across Australia. The content is provided by EQUIFAX. 

If you're interested in Australian data you may also find our Pan Asia-Pacific solutions of interest. 

Oriana - over 22 million companies across the Asia-Pacific region.

Orbis - over 200 million companies worldwide - Asia-Pacific regional option available. 

How it helps you

  • Identify new clients and develop new business
  • Identify targets and analyse your market share
  • Customise the result of your search
  • Create your own reports and lists with the right information for you
  • Export data in electronic formats (Excel, Word, PDF)
  • Provide your sales team with the best information to help them find out more about a company before approach it for business
  • Combine multiple search criteria.


11 million active businesses