Chelem helps you analyse relative national performance and analyse the flows of goods and services around the world.

What information does Chelem contain?
It presents the current economical picture and recent geo-political evolutions in 82 areas. Chelem contains geographical analysis through three modules: international trade flows, balance of payments and world revenues (GDPs). It includes raw data and pre-calculated indicators.

Each module contains:

  1. International trade flows (71 products categories)
    • Balance of trade
    • Import/Export ratio
    • Import/Export per head
    • Import/ Current GDP
    • Export/ Current GDP
    • Market position
    • Revealed comparative advantages
    • Performance indicators
    • Structure
    • Export share variation
  2. Balance of payments
    • Market position
    • Contribution to current balance of payments
  3. World revenues
    • GDP per head
    • Real exchange rate
    • Purchasing power parity rate.

How it helps you

  • Market trend analysis
  • Historical data (since 1960)
  • Worldwide data harmonisation
  • For each year, and for each of the product categories, the monetary values of the trade between the countries/areas is presented in a unique matrix.


Global data.