What can you do with CountryData?

  • Look at multiple variables for a country – market size, inflation rates, debt levels, private consumption and interest rates
  • Compare criteria across a range of countries

The variables are divided into the following seven major categories:
  • Gross domestic product
  • Fiscal and monetary indicators
  • Demographics and income
  • Foreign payments
  • External debt stock
  • External debt service
  • External trade
The additional Commodities Module has details of 40 soft and hard commodities. Prices are forecasted for five years and forecasts of factors that can influence their prices, such as production, consumption and stock levels, are also included.

Country Outlooks, textual summaries of the EIU’s short term political and economic forecasts, are also included in EIU CountryData.
  • Compare regional aggregates to look at the performance of a region as a whole – or use them as a benchmark

How it helps you


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