The information is researched by the Economist Intelligence Unit. It has an unrivalled network of analysts worldwide – BvD adds value to the information by giving you the tools to interrogate and manipulate the data. So you can isolate trends and predictions that matter to your business or project.

Each module can be taken in isolation, or they can be bundled together. They are:

EIU CountryData
Economic indicators and forecasts

EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts
Economic, demographic, consumption and industry data

EIU World Investment Service
Flows of investment by country and industry, overseas mergers and acquisitions, and business costs

EIU CityData
Price and salary levels and cost of living data

EIU Country Risk Model
Measures risk for sovereign debt, currency and the banking sector

EIU Operational Risk Module
Operational risk in countries worldwide

A further commodities module is accessible from CountryData and Market Indicators and Forecasts.

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