The Operational Risk Model measures ten risk categories across countries. The ratings can be compared across markets and over time.

The model aims to convey both the range and intensity of threats to a return on investment.

How it helps you

Security risk  Is the physical environment sufficiently secure?
Political stability risk Are political institutions sufficiently stable?
Political efficacy risk Does the political culture foster the ability for businesses to operate securely?
Legal and regulatory risk Is the legal system likely to safeguard investment?
Macroeconomic risk Is the economy stable and predicable?
Foreign trade and payments risk What are the risks in getting inputs/money into or out of the country?
Financial risk How stable is the country’s financial infrastructure?
Tax policy risk Are taxes low/predictable/transparent?
Labour market risk Are labour market factors likely to disrupt business operations?
Infrastructure risk What is the risk that infrastructure deficiencies may cause a loss of income?


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