M&A Research Catalyst delivers clear and easy to interpret reports specifically created for M&A research. They combine information on companies, comparable deals and valuations alongside an interface to help you identify targets, or acquirers, and value companies.

Bringing our expertise on companies and deals together in one platform

Information on public and private companies worldwide, plus listed companies and extensive corporate structures


The most comprehensive deal database available. It includes information on M&A, IPO, private equity, venture capital deals and rumours
 =  M&A Research Catalyst
The ultimate solution for corporate finance and M&A research

Reports tailored for the M&A researcher
M&A Research Catalyst provides you with M&A tailored information in an easy-to-interpret report, including:
  • Financials
  • Earnings estimates
  • News and deals
  • Comparable companies and deals
  • DCF valuation
  • Valuation multiples
You can also get a detailed report of your subject company that draws on the extensive information available in Orbis. Click on each item label or financial value to access the definition and calculation and drill down to the source data and see both the formulae used and the data points. You can easily export reports into Excel for further analysis.

Instant comparable companies and deals
M&A Research Catalyst instantly generates a financial profile of comparable companies and deals to your subject company. You can modify these deals and even create your own lists.

Get quick company valuations – that you can fine tune
M&A Research Catalyst delivers company valuations and multiples via three approaches – comparable companies, comparable deals and a DCF valuation. Comparable deal and company valuations are created from the median value of the comparables in the report. The median is based on 10 comparable companies and 50 comparable deals. 

Find potential targets or acquirers
M&A Research Catalyst makes it easy to search for companies with specific profiles so you can build precise target lists of companies. Search criteria include:
  • M&A history
  • Ownership status
  • Detailed industry searches
  • Directors
  • Financial performances
  • Earnings estimates
  • Stock data

How it helps you

Key benefits of M&A Research Catalyst

  • Explore core M&A information under a single easy-to-use interface
  • Access company reports that focus on M&A specific data* 
  • Identify appropriate acquisition targets/acquirers
  • Have access to a huge universe of over 160 million companies globally
  • Combine the ultimate company and deal data together in one interface to better understand market and competitor data
  • Gain quick access to the previous five years performance metrics
  • Acquire deal information, including the latest company news alongside industry detail such as announced and completed deals plus rumours
  • Get robust information on financials, comparable companies, comparable deals, DCF valuation and company valuation multiples so you can do more detailed financial valuations


M&A Research Catalyst combines information from our global company database, Orbis and our Zephyr deal database. 

*July 2015 – Coverage is increasing all the time