We provide global coverage of corporate hierarchies – we offer information on over 200 million companies, 30 million of these have corporate ownership structures, and these structures include 45 million active ownership links. We also provide historical ownership links.

We offer flexible definitions of ownership so you can decide whether to consider over 25% or over 50% as your basis of ultimate ownership. And our level of ownership detail can be below 1%.

The way our data is structured means you can use it whether your approach to ownership research is ‘top up’ or 'bottom down’. 

Corporate structures in-depth
Our coverage is detailed as well as extensive. We aim is to cover each shareholder with the same level of detail regardless of the size of its holding. Each link is date stamped, the source clearly indicated. The type of shareholder, for example private equity, is also given.

New Orbis module: Shareholder Mapping
Recently integrated into the Orbis company database, our Shareholder Mapping complements our existing detailed ownership structures. This new module delves into indirect ownership to reveal who has the controlling stake in cases of circular ownership.

How it helps you

Get valuable insight into the structure of a company: 

  • List a company’s shareholders with their percentage of ownership
  • List a company’s direct, and indirect, subsidiaries of a company with their percentage of ownership
  • Get a report on the ‘corporate group’, ie all companies with the same owner to see its corporate ‘siblings’
  • See direct and indirect ownership - by tracking indirect ownership, as well as direct, we can show you who has the controlling interest (the controlling shareholder) in a company even if it's through indirect ownership (via an intermediate entity)
  • Global and domestic ultimate owners - where relevant both are indicated
  • Beneficial ownership – when available we clearly indicate it in separate section with a diagram illustrating the path from your company to the beneficial owner – ideal for compliance research. There are three definitions of beneficial ownership for you to choose from:
    • Minimum 10% at first level/minimum 50% at higher levels
    • Minimum 25% at first level/minimum 25% at higher levels
    • Minimum 10% at first level/minimum 10% at higher levels
  • ‘Top corporate’ – you can change your view so you can see who the top ‘functioning company’ is in the group rather than an 'investment or financial' owner. This helps determine where a company's purchasing decisions are likely to take place.
  • Independence indicator - each company's degree of independence with regard to its shareholders
  • Recent merger and acquisition activity or rumours and recent news that's relevant to each corporate structure
  • See a company’s evolution of ownership over time or view its ownership at a particular point in time
  • See directors who are also shareholders
  • Identify private equity ownership and PE firms' portfolios
  • Get alerts on changes in ownership
  • Use our 'Pathfinder' option to find if there are links between 2 companies, or links between 2 groups of companies - ideal for conflict checking 

Protect your reputation
We show you entire corporate groups screened against PEPs and Sanction lists so you can run compliance and on-boarding checks quickly and easily and make robust decisions on potential partners, clients and suppliers. 

Multiple sources
Collated and analysed by our specialist ownership team, our database combines information from a multitude of sources - including our providers of company data for our product range and:

  • direct contact with companies
  • our own research on websites, newswires, press releases and stock exchanges 
  • from our M&A tracking for our deal database, Zephyr

Continuously updated
Our ownership information is updated continuously, not only when the annual accounts are filed or when a review of a company is requested. Each entity has a unique identifier, so as a new link is verified the change can be reflected across the entire database.

Flexible display
You can choose various views of a company's ownership structure including list formats and diagrams. Plot it on a sophisticated, dynamic tree diagram, viewed to indicate the controlling structure or to show the corporate group (all companies with the same parent). You can also use the software to create filters to isolate levels and types of shareholders/subsidiaries. You can also plot relationships between companies using our 'Pathfinder' tool.


A complete source of shareholder and subsidiary links worldwide with:

- over 40 million active ownership links
- over 300 million archived links 

- company hierarchies for over 30 million companies
*Subsidiaries are always companies; a shareholder can be a company or an individual or other type of organisation.