Six specialist firms have created financial models that are optimised to work with our standardised company financial reports.
They give you transparent, independent views, and predictive indicators, on a company’s financial strength

How it helps you

Our financial strength partners are all experts in helping people assess companies. Each has a slightly different approach and methodology - giving you a range of views to use in your own analysis. 

Their models have specifically been designed to work with the financial data in our company databases. They are available within our databases such as Orbis and Oriana, and also within our Catalysts (Credit Catalyst and Procurement Catalyst) to help you score companies in our specialist platforms. 

They offer you:

  • Scores on 15 million companies - even small companies are scored
  • Metrics that you can compare across borders and industries
  • Alerts that monitor changes for you
  • Clear presentation for quick interpretation in a dashboard overview and more detailed insight in datasheets including the underlying ratios and historical data and trends
  • An immediate understanding of a company's strengths and weaknesses

The providers

Experts in financial analysis and scoring, ModeFinance provides the More Credit Risk metrics for our Financial Strength section. These scores are calculated by modelling a company's financials using statistical and financial analysis theories. They include a class (from AAA to D, 10 classes), a recommended credit limit and a probability of default. 

Experts in datamining their scores assess a company's financial evolution to create predictive indicators. Included in our Financial Strength section are a propensity to become bankrupt (risk rating A to F, 6 classes) and the propensity to be sold. 

A leading credit bureau, CRIF's statistical model is based on differentiating good business performance from bad performance to provide an indication of financial stability (from 0 to 1000)

A European leader in risk management, Zanders provides its Falcon model for our Financial Strength section - a global credit risk model that offers a counterparty risk score (1-10), a probability of default and a recommended credit limit. 

World'Vest Base (WVB)
A leading provider of company information WVB provides a global credit risk score (from A to D, 6 classes). 

The Trucost environmental risk analysis assigns an environmental score to indicate a company's potential percentage of revenue at risk from costs caused by environmental damage and pollution, specifically greenhouse gases, air pollutants, water, waste, land and water pollutants and natural resources used. 

We also provide an estimated enterprise valuation calculated using comparable listed companies' enterprise value and EBITDA figures.