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24 September 2015

Free database reminted as Orbis Directory

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What's in a name?

Many things, of course. But differentiation is one of the most important aspects of naming in the worlds of branding, and sales and marketing.

And this was the view we took when, to mark a very big upgrade to its look and feel, as well as its functionality, we renamed the Mint Directory the Orbis Directory for its launch this month.

Featuring a more contemporary design, alongside continued comprehensive and FREE information on companies across the globe, Orbis Directory has:

  • A new and easy-to-use modern interface;
  • Cleaner, more user-friendly reports with easy-to-read graphs; and
  • New "refine" options – by country, size and sector.

Accessing Orbis Directory's free information really is as simple going to the site, but you can also quickly create an account to:

  • Set favourites;
  • Access free reports with more detail; and
  • Buy full reports with your credit card.

So take a look at what's out there and who you might want to target through your sales, marketing and business development activities.

Within a minute or two, you could see all sorts of information, including graphs such as the one below, which show trends in a company's assets and operating revenue.


And if you want more detailed information, summary reports are available for €12, while standardised financials and full reports can be bought at competitive one-off rates.

Full reports contain a wealth of metrics, graphs and information, such as: contact information; identification numbers; legal and account information; industry and activities; overview; key financials and employees; graphs of key financials and employees; global standard format; global ratios; current directors, managers and contacts; auditors and advisors; the corporate group; controlling shareholders; shareholders; subsidiaries; ownership tree diagram; detailed standard format (listed cos); cash flow statement (listed cos); accounting practices; segment data; financial strength summary; stock data; graph of stock data; future outlook; major competitors; and major customers.

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