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25 January 2017

How to learn more about your best customers and find others like them

Louise Green

Did you know that you can harness our sales and marketing solutions to help you rapidly and easily discover more about your best customers and find new ones like them?

Start by simply logging on to one of our database solutions. They cover more than 200 million companies and offer a wide variety of detailed search criteria, as well as a collection of tools designed to help you to perform targeted sales and marketing analyses, all with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Once logged on, you can upload a list of your best clients. And then, by using analysis options, fuelled by the information in our records – such as the age of the company, growth figures, location, industry SIC codes, turnover, profits, credit score, number of employees and so on – you'll be able to start analysing and identifying the particular traits and qualities that your best customers share.

You actually might be surprised at some of the information that this process reveals to you about your best clients. Indeed, some of what you find out may end up being the exact opposite of what you were expecting. For instance, although, you might have been aware that most of these customers tend to be clustered within a certain location or that they, by and large, fall within a general industry. You might not have known or even suspected, that the majority of them are quite young companies, having been only recently established. Or, you might be amazed to discover that, perhaps counter-intuitively, many of your most stellar clients operate at a loss.
In fact, by using our products to look at and analyse your best clients, you'll be able to learn not only more information about these companies, but, just as crucially, you can discover where your own greatest strengths, challenges and opportunities lie.

Use what you've discovered about your best customers to find similar prospects

Once we've helped you to identify some of the shared characteristics of your top customers, you can then use these features to build profiles of ideal potential sales prospects.

For example, let's say that the results of your analysis have shown that a large percentage of your best customers tend to be:

  • Less than five years old
  • Operating at a loss
  • Privately owned
  • Generating €20-30 million in turnover

Now, with this knowledge (and the profiles it's helped to create) in hand, you'll be able to perform laser-focused searches geared at finding other companies that fit the same mold. By turning the elements shared by your existing best customers into search criteria, you'll be able to use them to tap into a massive well of information to help you find, and even reach out to, companies very similar to them.

In this way, our database solutions can help you identify and locate "compatible" prospects, whose needs, spending power and philosophies match up most closely with your services, expertise and areas of strength.

This is just one of the ways in which external databases, such as our solutions, offer a whole new world of possibilities for you to expand your sales and marketing horizons and increase your level of business certainty. 

Up your analytical and strategic games by integrating your CRM with an external database

In order to make sure that you are able to put together and get the very best results from sales and marketing analysis and strategising – of the sort outlined above – it's essential that you take advantage and maximise the value of a resource that is already within your possession: your own CRM database.

This still holds true, even if you consider your CRM to be incomplete or under-utilised, as you can instantly upgrade and enrich it by integrating it with a business information database, such as one of our sales and marketing solutions. By integrating your CRM, you'll not only immediately open the door to a vast universe of business information, but you'll also gain access to a wide choice of structured solutions, which will greatly improve your ability to plan and implement successful sales and marketing strategies.

Additionally, you'll instantly be opening the door to a huge range of search criteria – including which companies recently have been acquired or merged (a sign that they’ve likely been marked out for growth) – which you can mine strategically to find viable new prospects.

Bureau van Dijk products can supercharge your CRM

Orbis, our flagship global database, powers a wide spectrum of industry-specific products, such as our catalysts and Mint, our sales and marketing solution. Our databases are available as global solutions or, depending on your location and needs, as national and regional databases. For example, if you're a sales and marketing professional mainly interested in company information relating to the UK market, then Mint UK would be ideal for your purposes.

Our products not only give you access to information on more than 200 million companies worldwide, they also offer you value-added solutions that can help transform your data into a powerful tool that ultimately translates into more sales and revenues. Among other things, you can use our database solutions to:

  • Search and analyse a huge number of companies
  • Learn more about who you are prospecting
  • Target prospects more effectively
  • Generate higher quality leads


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Louise Green

Louise Green, Managing Director, Marketing and Communications

Louise is twice winner of the Women in Data and Technology Awards ‘Reference Data Professional of the Year’. She leads Bureau van Dijk’s global band, marketing and events team.

Louise is twice winner of the Women in Data and Technology Awards ‘Reference Data Professional of the Year’. She leads Bureau van Dijk’s global band, marketing and events team.

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