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30 May 2019

Bureau van Dijk named Best Data Solution for KYC

In May 2019, A-Team Insight held the RegTech Insight Awards in London. We were thrilled to win the award for “Best Data Solution for KYC” for our solutions including Orbis, the world’s most powerful comparable resource on private companies.

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Bill Hauserman, senior director of compliance solutions for Bureau van Dijk, describes how data from Orbis can improve compliance processes, identify risk and prevent financial crime.


“It really is fundamental that we have to make it harder for the bad actors to hide,” Hauserman says. “Because if it is more transparency in who is actually running things, we actually might make a dent in reducing money laundering that's happening pervasively, in trillion-plus dollars a year."

"Control is at the heart of us being able to manage how we find where the risks are," he adds. "The bad actors are so good now at hiding, that what we're trying to do is understand, how can someone be invisible but control an organization?"

Orbis is the world's most powerful comparable data resource on private companies

It gives you:

  • PEPs, sanctioned and “sanctioned-by-extension” entities
  • beneficial owners
  • global and domestic ultimate owners
  • unique identifiers, LEI and other official company numbers
  • AML documentation
  • news including adverse news filters


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How Bureau van Dijk can help you

Certainty is a highly-prized commodity in business. Data might be getting bigger all the time, but this only makes extracting value from it more difficult.

In capturing and treating private company information we aim to give you more certainty – and help you make better decisions and work more efficiently.



Our solutions are designed to help different business challenges and streamline your workflow. Many of our customers blend our information with their own internal data to get a more complete picture of the companies in their ecosystem.

Try our more certain approach –
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