Global M&A saw declines in both total value and volume for Q3 2019 according to data from Bureau van Dijk.
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7 October 2019

M&A review: Value and volume both decline in Q3 2019

According to data from Bureau van Dijk, global M&A deal value declined by 37% to $925 billion and total volume was down by 37% to 30,150 deals. Both numbers reflect the lowest quarterly result since Q1 2013.


You can now read the full report with advisor league tables and additional sections focusing specifically on Western Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and Central and Eastern Europe.

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The most valuable deals of Q3 2019

While the US dominated the country rankings for both volume and value, the 2 largest deals involved European targets:

  • London Stock Exchange Group plc (UK) acquired Refinitiv Ltd (UK) for $27 billion
  • Upjohn Inc. (US) acquired Mylan NV (Netherlands) for $22.5 billion

The other top-5 deals are:

  • Amgen Inc. (US) bought Celgene Corporation’s OTEZLA assets for $13.4 billion
  • CBS Corporation (US) acquired Viacom Inc. (US) for almost $11.6 billion
  • Asahi Group Holdings Ltd (Japan) acquired CUB Pty Ltd (Australia) for almost $11.3 billion

Top target countries for M&A in Q3 2019


  • The US remains on top with 4,634 deals totalling almost $353 billion
  • China trails with 4,470 deals at almost $186 billion
  • The UK dominates European M&A figures, but comes in third globally, with 1,574 deals at more than $124 billion
  • Australia is fourth in volume at 1,269 total deals, while Germany is fourth in value with more than $55 billion
  • Japan is fifth in volume (1,269 deals) and the Netherlands is fifth in value (almost $23 billion)

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