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10 March 2020

Trends in North American FDI: What’s happening now and what lies ahead?

The global investment climate has been impacted by uncertainty around Brexit, trade wars and geopolitical risks. How has foreign direct investment (FDI) been affected in North America, and what does the outlook look like for the coming years?

David East, director of product strategy – tax, FDI & economic products at Bureau van Dijk, explored trends in North American FDI in a webinar following his presentation at the recent C2ER Annual Conference.

This webinar was recorded before the escalation of the global Covid-19 virus situation.




What’s covered

Some of the main trends mentioned in East’s webinar:

  • Manufacturing is seeing the lowest foreign investment in the past 15 years, and the services sector is also struggling
  • Real estate and technology firms including Google, Facebook and Samsung are staying strong
  • FDI into North America remains flat while worldwide investments are declining

In his presentation East also looks at:

  • FDI destination and source trends into North America
  • The impact of greenfield and M&A between the US and Canada
  • Top investors in North America - Growth opportunities by industry and business function
  • Trends in venture capital


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