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21 May 2013

Guidance offered for supply chain finance risks

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Companies looking to conduct supply chain risk assessments in order to highlight any potential financial issues may like to take advantage of new guidance that has recently been published on the subject.

The European Banking Association (EBA) has put together a market guide to the current Supply Chain Finance (SCF) ecosystem in the continent, which analyses what drivers are propelling the sector and what is acting as a barrier to the adoption of this part of supply chain management.

Erkki Poutiainen of Nordea Bank Finland, chairman of the EBA Supply Chain Working Group, said: "We created the market guide to help our community gain a better understanding of this complex subject and to explore the underlying trends and business opportunities in SCF."

He added that as a pan-European body, the EBA is in a good position to support the financial industry and ensure companies are able to leverage the potential of the market.

Among the information contained with the document is a guide to the key dangers and regulatory issues that will impact on supply chain finance in the coming years - something that may be essential for personnel dealing with these areas to be aware of when assessing their company's' exposure to risk.

It combines explanatory materials with an analytical framework to fulfil two key objectives - providing comprehensive background information on the sector and act as a discussion basis for relevant stakeholders.

The document, entitled Supply Chain Finance: EBA European Market Guide, has been compiled with the help of a dedicated working group including experts in supply chain finance and e-invoicing, as well as product experts with backgrounds in transaction banking, the EBA stated.

It has conducted an extensive study of the market in order to provide a basis for a consistent, industry-wide understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing companies, as well as explore how supply chain finance can be using as a starting point for optimising financing structures.
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