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1 October 2014

New study "shows increased importance of procurement and supply chain"

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The increased importance of procurement and supply chain functions mean professionals in these sectors are working longer hours than many of their counterparts.

This is according to new research from Robert Walters, which has released the results of its Career Lifestyle Survey 2014.

More than four in ten of the procurement and supply chain professionals surveyed said they regularly work overtime, while a similar number claimed they often take work home or come into the office on weekends, Supply Management reports.

James Franklin, manager of procurement and supply chain recruitment at Robert Walters, commented: "Longer working hours reflect the increased importance of supply chain and procurement functions to the wider business, particularly in sectors where cost-cutting and efficiency measures continue to set the agenda."

When compared with other business functions, procurement and supply chain employees are more prone to going beyond the call of duty. Only 23 per cent of IT professionals said they regularly work overtime, while for finance and accountancy the figures were 30 per cent and 34 per cent respectively.

Only a fifth of marketers take work home or visit the office on weekends, while 31 per cent of HR professionals and 34 per cent of legal staff do the same.

As a result of this devotion, the study found 90 per cent of procurement and supply chain employees feel their work has a direct impact on the success of their organisation.

"A widespread trend for working later into the evening or at weekends is also stark testament to the commitment and work ethic of those that the profession typically attracts," Mr Franklin stated.

Earlier this year, Robert Walters reported an increase in the number of businesses looking to hire procurement and supply chain staff, with more than three-quarters aiming to add permanent staff to their teams.

Mr Franklin said this was due to an increasing awareness of the role effective procurement and supply chain management can play in an organisation's success.
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