As well as financials, we have information on companies’ financial strength. We include a default probability, confidence level and rating. These are illustrated with traffic light colours, and give a fast indication of viability for a vast number of companies. These are modelled using the financial data. We have financial strength indicators from a range of suppliers who have created models to work with our financial report.

These suppliers include:

We also indicate a company’s propensity to become bankrupt, its propensity to be sold and when valid an estimated deal value.

You can easily create your own measures and include these in your searches and reports. And you can create analysis templates in Excel which automatically import data from our products via our Add-Ins.

Our financial data is ideal if you need to analyse companies in different countries. It's standardised so you can benchmark and compare companies across the globe. 

Orbis is our database of global company information. This information powers our Credit Catalyst where you can create your own unique blend of external data with your own experience of companies and get insight across your portfolio. 

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