We offer the leading B2B intelligence tools for sales and marketing.

We have information on millions of companies in the UK as well as international company information. Our solutions can help you be more efficient across all phases of the sales and marketing process - from planning to revenue. 

Our Mint range of company databases is ideal for sales and marketing. Simple to use, Mint helps you understand what a company does and how it's performing and gives you additional business intelligence including latest news, its corporate family, industry research and the management behind it. 

And Mint doesn't just tell you about individual companies, you can search across all companies to find those fitting your chosen profiles. You can use Mint to:

  • find new, relevant companies to target

  • identify key customer traits - and find more companies like them

  • enrich and refresh the content in your CRM system - seamlessly. We have specfic integration Apps so it's simple to integrate Mint with Salesforce, Dynamics and Oracle CRMS; we can integrate with all CRMs via Web Services. Our expert team makes this a very simple process help you resolve existing data issues by highlighting duplicate records/companies no longer in business, and helps you harmonise different datasets across your business

Mint your CRM

  • Mint integrates with any CRM to seamlessly enrich and refresh data.
  • easily search and analyse companies
  • know more about who you are prospecting
  • target more effectively
  • generate higher quality leads

White paper: CRM integration: enriching, refreshing and centralising your data for B2B sales and marketing success
This white paper outlines the benefits and mechanisms of connecting your CRM system to the rich, updated information on third-party databases. Download this white paper now.


We'd love to show you how our information solutions can help power your sales and marketing to new levels of efficiency and performance. 

Talk to us about your challenges and we'll show you how we can help. If financial information is important to your sales and marketing our classic product range may offer you more flexibilty. Contact us via the form on the right or drop us a quick email with your questions. 

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