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Podcasts 2018

The Bureau van Dijk Podcast explores how company data can help with better decision-making and increased efficiency. Our experts cover themes including compliance, corporate ownership, tax and transfer pricing, credit for financial institutions, and more. Subscribe below.


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December 2018

Managing the tension between business growth and credit risk

Ryan Macromalli

Companies are under pressure to grow and at the same time they are expected to manage financial risk and the developing challenges of not doing business with “dubious organizations”. Business leaders are recognizing the need for a more holistic approach to credit risk management and sales - and they are taking action.

December 2018

Top Five Japanese Banks: Strong Asset Quality and Low Profitability Drive Credit Profiles

Irakli Pipia

An analysis of key financial metrics suggests that profitability of the top five banks in Japan remains under pressure balanced by positive trends in asset quality. Hear an executive summary of the BankFocus research.

July 2018

WalletSizing Catalyst – the fast way to assess your corporate customers’ banking wallets

Irakli Pipia

Hugo van Wijk is chief executive at Vallstein, the company that created WalletSizing®, and developed the methodology behind WalletSizing Catalyst. Alexander Huetink is responsible for WalletSizing Catalyst at Bureau van Dijk.

June 2018

BEPS Action 13: navigating the new environment

Luis Carrillo

Action 13 is not just another regulation, it's changing the discipline of transfer pricing as we know it. Since the goal of the OECD's BEPS project is to increase transparency in documentation, organizations must now provide an overview of their entire value chains.

May 2018

Understanding the complexities of OFAC and the 50% rule

Anders Rodenberg

Global ownership is complex and dynamic. It can no longer be understood through a manual approach.
OFAC’s 50% rule means we need to take all ownership into account, so a 1% ownership change can make all the difference in sanctions compliance.
Find out more about complying with the 50% rule, from indirect and direct to aggregated and cascade down ownership.