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Supplier risk and procurement videos

This video library explores the current challenges facing procurement and supplier risk professionals – from shifts in regulatory risk to keeping up with globalization.

What are the challenges in assessing environmental, social and governance risk?

RepRisk's Alexandra Mihailescu Cichon addresses the recent changes and trends in ESG risk and explains why we need quality data to better assess risk in our globalized economy.

How do you assess the financial strength of a company if you have no financial data?

Andrea Sorrentino from fintech credit rating agency modeFinance gives us a quick insight into how you can assess the financial strength of a company when you don’t have enough financial data.

Mitigating reputation risk – how can company information play a role?

Companies are thinking more dynamically about their crisis management programmes. This video looks at common issues around reputation risk and how global market intelligence can help you address them.

Mitigating regulatory risk – how can company information play a role?

In light of the evolving AML directives, this video explains the shifts in regulatory risk such as Know Your Third Party (KY3P) and beneficial ownership to highlight the importance of calibrating a risk-based approach through data.

Top 4 gaps of business partner due diligence programmes

Because partnerships are such a common way of doing business, due diligence programmes now require a data-driven approach to mitigate risk. This video covers the top 4 gaps in business partner due diligence programmes and how to remedy them.