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How quality company data supports the BEPS global tax initiative

For today’s international businesses, transfer pricing is high on the agenda. Competing tax environments around the world differ on how best to reap the value of business activity on their patch, depending on their economic strategy. This makes a one-size-fits-all approach to transfer pricing impossible and creates uncertainty for global business. 

The OECD’s BEPS project set out to tackle this, resulting in new guidelines. These aim to help curb the extremes of tax regime competition by providing countries with the tools to show that profits are taxed in the geographies where value is created, working towards a fairer international tax framework for business and society. 

At a time when the very nature of global business is being questioned by many, businesses will want to make certain their international activities are secure, by attributing profits correctly.

This special report will help you:

  • Understand changes in the post-BEPS global taxation landscape
  • Learn more about the taxation of multinational activity in China
  • Find out about technology and resources to support your transfer pricing strategy