Our Credit Catalyst has been created to tailor our information solutions for the credit environment.  

Credit Catalyst pulls data from our global information database, Orbis, into a purpose-built credit platform. Using Credit Catalyst you can take advantage of our:

  • Comprehensive coverage of companies across the globe
  • Standardised reports so you can benchmark and compare companies
  • Financial strength indicators from a range of providers

How it helps you

Credit Catalyst has been created for credit analysis. It offers you a range of options to manage your company portfolio. 

  • The dashboard view gives you an instant view of your portfolio and highlights risk points
  • Customisable credit reports give you a comprehensive view of a company's financial status
  • Alerts notify you of changes to your portfolio

Credit Catalyst also offers you a range of credit specific functionality:

Own data module  
  • Create any financial variables you want
  • Import your own data fields
  • Import your own financial data
The risk module
  • Create your own risk template within Credit Catalyst
  • Incorporate our financial strength data and detailed financials
  • Design your credit report to suit you
Integrate and download
Credit Catalyst can work with your own workflow and current methods.
  • Upload your data into Credit Catalyst - combine it with our data and take advantage of its functionality 
  • Enrich and refresh your existing credit system with data points from Credit Catalyst
  • Create your own credit risk environment

CICM British Credit Awards 2016 and 2017 
We are proud to have been Highly Commended at the CICM British Credit Awards 2016 in the Credit Information Provider of the Year category, and a finalist in the same category in the 2017 awards. Hosted by the Chartered Institute of Credit Management, the CICM British Credit Awards are the recognised standard in the credit and collections industry.

White paper: Assessing a company’s financial strength when you don’t have its financials
In this white paper, we look at how you can improve your credit and supplier risk assessment by using scores based on non-financial information, and we explain the science behind them. Download this white paper.

White paper: Internationally standardised company information for credit risk
This white paper examines the benefits of a credit risk picture based on globally standardised company information. It discusses the methodology behind delivering one. And it shows how adopting such an approach can help your business. Download the white paper now.