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TP Catalyst is a data and process driven tax analysis tool.

It simplifies transfer pricing analyses, including profit and transaction-based analyses. Developed in conjunction with TP specialists, TP Catalyst streamlines processes, eliminates redundant steps and reduces data manipulation.

Using TP Catalyst, you can identify comparables, derive arm’s-length benchmarks, apply adjustments and produce documentation.

You can also do arm’s-length analyses for tangible and intangible intra-group transactions, intra-group services and intra-group financing.

Learn how company information can help your business with transfer pricing assessment and analysis in this video:


Who is TP Catalyst for?

Transfer pricing professionals and economists rely on our products for arm’s-length analysis and compliance. TP Catalyst is used by:

  • top tax advisory firms, including the Big 4
  • tax departments of multinational enterprises (MNEs)
  • tax administrations from countries with TP requirements


Document Manager

Created to help with BEPS and country-by-country (CbC) reporting requirements, we’ve created a full document management system that will save you both time and resources. Employ Document Manager to act as your "electronic data warehouse" and it will archive and manage all your TP documentation, as well as helping you with your document workflow. Find out more about Document Manager.


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How it helps you

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How it helps you

TP Catalyst helps you:

  • streamline your processes and save you time
  • have greater control over TP compliance
  • be more cost efficient in your TP risk management
  • develop TP expertise within your organization
  • complete various types of analysis



The data available on TP Catalyst also offers you reliability for arm’s-length analysis. Take advantage of:

  • our extensive corporate ownership data
  • our global coverage of companies around the globe, with detailed financials
  • 60,000 royalty rates
  • 9,000 third-party loan tranches
  • 4.5 million commodities prices



We are the resource for private company data.

TP Catalyst gives you robust information to assess comparability for arm's-length analysis, including:

  • original scanned documents
  • detailed overviews
  • intellectual property profiles
  • financial stability indicators
  • M&A activity summaries
  • transactional data

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International integrity

This special report considers the importance of company data in a post-BEPS world. At a time when the global nature of business is being questioned by many, companies will want to make certain their international activities are secure, by attributing profits correctly as part of a robust transfer pricing policy.