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Challenged by transfer pricing in a post-BEPS world? We can help with that.


We’re ideally placed to help you with the documentation challenges posed by BEPS and country-by-country (CBC) reporting.

TP Catalyst Document Manager streamlines the workflow associated with preparing global TP documentation, including your master file, local files and Country-by-Country Reports (CBCRs), as per BEPS Action 13.

You can upload your functional analyses, legal structures, industry analyses and benchmarks, then pick your countries and instantly create your choice of documents, including:

  • master file
  • local files
  • CBC reports

Document Manager promotes a collaborative approach to the TP documentation process across your organization. It centralizes all relevant information and streamlines your project management of the TP documentation process and output.

You can upload all relevant legal entities across a group, internal financial data for TP risk assessment, preparation for CBCR output and any other relevant documents.

You can also set up users and control the access level they have.


Built-in local legislation

Document Manager incorporates local TP legislation summaries from the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) to simplify the preparation of your local documentation. It also integrates TP documentation and regulatory requirements from most of the relevant tax jurisdictions.

You can use this information to do your own research on local regulatory TP requirements, and include it in your TP documentation.

Use your own financials or ours

If your internal financial data is patchy, or inaccessible, you can choose to use ours. We already have standardized financial data for a high proportion of your local operations in our Orbis database. So it’s simple to fulfil your CBC reports directly from our resource.

Tailored to you

We can map data from your internal datasets directly into our reporting software for further automation. And we can create bespoke datasets that are directly linked to your accounting systems and automatically produce transfer pricing calculations and reports.


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How it helps you

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How it helps you

Create globally consistent TP documentation 

Document Manager streamlines the TP documentation preparation process. It creates globally consistent TP documentation, including your master file, local files and CBCR, that is centralized, flexible and scalable.

Create a list of who the entities are, and which intra-group transactions you want to include.

Document Manager makes it easy to collaborate across your organization. You can set up new users, who can then upload the relevant information. Your users could be anyone relevant within your organization, including:

  • your business unit heads
  • senior management
  • local country managers

You can also get the relevant information from your external advisors and tax authorities.

Use the information you’ve collected to create the following documents, ready to be added into Document Manager:

  • legal entity overviews
  • financial data
  • functional analyses
  • value-chain analyses
  • benchmark analyses
  • CBCR

Upload all the information and documentation you've created into Document Manager. The built-in local legislation from IBFD is added here. 

Your TP documents are instantly created, including your:

  • master file
  • local files
  • CBC reports