Orbis contains information on over 200 million private companies worldwide.

Orbis global coverage map
Orbis combines information from regulatory and other sources, and delivers company information with added value.

Use it to:

  • Research individual companies or groups of companies
  • Search for companies by profile
  • Analyse and evaluate companies
  • Make better-informed decisions

What information does Orbis include?

Orbis is Bureau van Dijk's flagship database of private and listed company information from around the world - all standardised for easy cross-border comparisons.

It includes companies' financial accounts, credit scores from a number of independent providers, directorships, ownership structures, PEPs and Sanctions information, and details of mergers and acquisitions activity.

Over 99% of the companies on Orbis are private. Private company information is more difficult to obtain, as the legal obligation to file accounts varies widely from country to country (as our white paper explains). But we work with 140 information providers to fill in as many gaps as possible and offer alternative, less detailed reports and estimates where necessary.

The information on Orbis can be interrogated through simple or sophisticated searches of its intuitive platform, and is accessible on PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

More granularly, Orbis includes:
  • Unique identifiers, crucial for confirming the existence of a company, as well as integration projects
  • Company information and summaries, including incorporation date
  • Industry and activities, including codes in local and international classifications
  • Detailed overviews, available on millions of company records
  • Links to EIU Country Profiles
  • Company financials in a standardised format, including 26 balance sheet items, 25 P&L items and 26 ratios, illustrated by graphics
  • Original filings/images
  • Projected financials
  • Financial strength indicators
  • Standardised credit risk information
  • Your own data section, allowing you to create your own ratios and data fields
  • AML documentation for financial institutions
  • Detailed company ownership structures with adjustable percentage thresholds for beneficial ownership
  • PEPs and Sanctions information on individuals, companies and corporate groups
  • News linked to companies, with negative stories highlighted
  • Information on people, including advisors, auditors, board members, directors and other contacts
  • Mergers and acquisitions information on deals and rumours from our Zephyr database
  • Private equity portfolios
  • Private equity data and portfolios
  • Peer group reports
  • Information on patents associated with companies
  • Independent industry market research
  • Additional sections for listed companies, including ratings, more detailed accounts and stock data
For more information on what Orbis includes, see our full Orbis brochure.

You can also access the Orbis database via our "end-user interface" on Mint Global. Mint products are designed for end users and desktop access with streamlined options.

See how we add value to entity data in creating Orbis


How it helps you

Orbis is easy to use and helps you navigate and analyse entity data quickly and easily.

You can use it across a range of business functions and platforms, as a standalone database or combined with one of our purpose-built catalysts - solutions by task.

Specifically, you can:

  • Search by hundreds of criteria
  • Do a detailed financial analysis on a company – you can also include our complementary information including M&A deals and rumours, news and market research
  • Refer to original filings using our library of scanned images
  • Illustrate financials with our easy-to-create graphs
  • Get a quick view of a company's financial strength - we have financial models from a range of expert partners
  • Watch companies using our flexible alert systems
  • Look at a company's corporate ownership structure in a tree diagram and find all companies with the same parent
  • Research beneficial ownership and use in client on-boarding/compliance projects - you can even edit to be compatible with your definition of beneficial ownership
  • Create and analyse peer groups
  • Enrich your knowledge and internal data on companies - include financial data appropriate for credit analysis
  • Customise your own reports
The company reports are in a detailed standardised format – the same as on our other regional products, Amadeus and Oriana.

Listed companies are presented in even more detail.

Orbis gives you access to information on M&A deals and rumours from our Zephyr database.


Orbis covers 200 million companies around the world. We offer various subsets of Orbis:

Orbis Europe Around 86 million companies
Orbis Americas Around 53 million companies
Orbis Asia-Pacific Around 55 million companies

Orbis includes information on over 70,000 listed companies in a more detailed format, plus 1.5 million M&A deals and rumours and 140 million individuals in over 250 million roles. 

Domestic data 
We also provide company information on individual countries.