Mint UK is a comprehensive database of company information.

mint-screen.jpgIt's the leading business intelligence tool for sales and marketing teams with key benefits helping you to:

  • Target more effectively
  • Develop your existing accounts
  • Understand your key customers' common traits
Mint can help you at all stages of the sales and marketing process - from planning to revenue. It helps you create more accurate sales and marketing plans, find the right companies to sell to, and tells you valuable information about them.

Mint your CRM

Mint integrates with any CRM to seamlessly enrich and refresh data.
  • easily search and analyse companies
  • know more about who you are prospecting
  • target more effectively
  • generate higher quality leads

White paper: CRM integration: enriching, refreshing and centralising your data for B2B sales and marketing success
This white paper outlines the benefits and mechanisms of connecting your CRM system to the rich, updated information on third-party databases. Download this white paper now.

High quality sales and marketing data

Mint has 4 modules: companies, news, industry research and directors and contains:
  • Information on companies and unincorporated businesses throughout the UK
  • Top level financial information – with detailed financial information as an option
  • Peer groups and comparisons
  • Graphs of key financials
  • Credit scores and ratings - with easy-to-interpret illustrations
  • Google maps
  • Company structures and the corporate family
  • Shareholders, subsidiaries and branches
  • News articles from various high profile sources, plus a Web Watch facility to capture 'real time' news
  • M&A activity and rumours
  • Contact information including directors and other key contacts
  • Industry research

Watch the video to see how Mint works

Benefit from Mint without leaving your CRM

B2B-growth-infographic-smaller-jpg-(1).jpgMint can be used as a standalone resource, or as your 'intelligence in the cloud'. Mint seamlessly feeds your CRM with fresh and enriching information for your sales and marketing initiatives. Mint can be the vital link between your sales and marketing function and your CRM system. 

Mint works with any CRM system to improve data accuracy and deliver vital sales intelligence - saving you time, helping you deliver more effective campaigns and superior sales results.

Mint works with your CRM system to:
  • Sort out your data legacy
  • Refresh your data
  • Enrich your data

New Module: Technology Tracker

The Technology Tracker reveals what hardware and software companies have in place and has information on technologies used by up to 50,000 companies in the UK.

The module is powered by HG Data who collates information from unstructured documents across the internet, archived web and offline resources – including B2B social media, case studies, press releases, blog postings, government documents, content libraries, technical support forums, website source code, job postings and CVs. View the Technology Tracker brochure.

How it helps you

Mint contains very useful comprehensive data for sales and marketing. Its real power comes from its search and intelligence options so you can use its content to empower your sales and marketing and work much more efficiently.

Using Mint you can:

  • Build your own reports and lists that contain the right information for you
  • Watch companies for sales triggers using our alerts
  • Find more companies in your territories
  • Research new regions
  • Blend Mint's powerful data with your own CRM content for better insight and data quality
  • Find out more about a company before you approach it/pitch for business
  • Prioritise your leads
  • Build specific target lists of companies to approach by combining Mint's search criteria
  • Analyse your client base and find more prospects with similar profiles to your key accounts
  • Use Mint's strategic searches to find companies who are growing, with new directors, owners or who are private equity backed for growth
Mint even includes a mailing wizard to help you extract the right contact and address data for your database or mailing software. 

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The United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)

If you're interested in detailed financial information and analysis for UK companies our Fame database may be more appropriate.