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Comprehensive, flexible and precise third-party screening

Our Review solution screens and monitors individuals and entities, according to your risk profiles and appetite, to help you make fast and reliable decisions on who you should do business with.

It’s powered by our comprehensive database of risk profiles and events, Grid. Review combines data, technology and people power for precise results and a significant reduction in false positive hits.

Review helps you comply with global anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulations and empowers your decision making to protect your business from association with financial crime.

The Review risk screening process

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Key benefits

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Review - key benefits

Accurate entity name matching

Benefit from high performance entity resolution. When you submit a name of an individual or entity it moves through a series of steps for accurate entity resolution. These steps consider multiple variables including linguistic culture, spelling alternatives and word order. This results in fewer false positives and more relevant screening results.

Detailed and structured risk profiles

Your name matches are returned in the form of risk profiles so you can see all associated risk-relevant data for an individual or entity in a single structured report. A short summary of the most relevant risk information is given, followed by a breakdown of each risk event identified through adverse media, PEP and sanctions information. Risk events are clearly identified by their type, stage and date.

Customized risk screening

Choose a pre-set risk configuration or completely customize your screening alerts according to the risk categories, offence stages and risk age relevant to your organization. 

  • Filter by more than 50 risk categories from money laundering and bribery, to cybercrime and human trafficking
  • Define the offence stages you want to consider from more than 35 categories, ranging from accusation to charged and convicted
  • Exclude risk according to the age it materialised
  • Reconfigure your risk profile at any time to align with changing regulation and emerging risks

Flexible alert management

You can choose to have first level alerts reviewed by our team of analysts or processed by our AI solution to remove false positives and irrelevant results. These options mean that your team can focus on relevant risk alerts, make faster decisions and scale your screening operation without additional burden.

Automated portfolio monitoring

Move a step closer to perpetual KYC processes with automated daily monitoring of your client portfolio. You will be alerted to relevant new risk information as it gets added to Grid, prioritized according to your risk guidelines. This allows you to respond quickly to emerging risk intelligence associated with your clients, without having to conduct manual periodic reviews.

Dashboards and analytics via our View option

Review dashboards logoOur dashboards give you analytics on your screening activity so you can identify trends, track enquiry volumes, spot anomalies and measure screening performance across multiple business lines and regions. View gives you a window into your screening operation to help inform decisions and improve performance. 


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Grid - the data that powers Review

Grid - key facts and figures

Grid has around 13 million risk profiles. A risk profile can be about a person, or an organization, and it’s a collation of risk-relevant information relating to that entity.

Grid takes information from over 120,000 sources, covers 240 countries and territories and over 3 billion articles from the last 10 years.

It includes adverse media, sanctions and watchlists, PEPs and other focused datasets around risk themes including Iran, the Panama Papers, and marijuana-related businesses.


SanctionsGrid’s Sanctions Connect is a comprehensive global sanctions database that shows connections to sanctioned individuals and organizations in over 100 countries including Iran, and more than 1,000 separate watchlists and sanction lists.

Designed for accurate risk screening to help you adhere to sanctions regulations and export controls, it shows clear relationships and links so you can check and monitor for even distant associations to sanctions. Highlighted relationships include:

  • Corporate structures and shareholdings
  • Affiliates
  • Board members and senior officials
  • Family members
  • Other close associates

Get a more precise, customized view on PEPs

Our PEPs solution combines information on almost 2 million PEPs in more than 240 countries and territories. All individuals are categorised to help you assess risk more accurately.

PEP coverage includes a country’s political hierarchy and their connections, senior officeholders, military officials, judicial figures, directors of state-controlled/invested enterprises, regional and municipal officials, legislators, senior political party officials, along with family members and close associates.

For countries that are considered to pose high risk, and where more investigative depth is required, we also include information on opposition party members, shadow government officials, influence peddlers, and other risk-relevant individuals.

Our PEP rating categorisation includes:

  • Position risk
    An assessment of someone’s seniority and role using 17 PEP ‘types’ and 4 PEP ‘levels’
  • Country risk
    Considers industry accepted indices of country corruption and economic freedom.
  • Event risk
    An analysis of adverse media relevant to the individual.

Our categories, and our PEPs types and levels, mean you can filter and rank PEP data accurately and benefit from fully customizable risk screening. You can then combine our analysis with your own risk scoring, and risk profiles.


Adverse media - tracking from the earliest indication

Delivering the largest collection of negative news

We aim to help you uncover risk that’s hidden in unstructured news articles. We monitor the earliest indications of risk – from accusation to conviction.

Special datasets

Marijuana-Related Businesses

Our dataset for Marijuana Related Businesses (MRB) contains thousands of entities and individuals throughout the supply chain.

Panama Papers

We captured and treated the 300,000+ profiles from the Panama Papers. Splitting up combined names and removing extraneous information for better name matching and parsing addresses into correct fields: street address, city, state, country.

You can choose to screen against the full Panama Papers list or only against the entities with other negative information. Or simply get a list of all potential matches if required.


A dataset that provides information on the individuals and organizations associated with sanctioned entities. Covering all sanctioned countries and entities, it establishes connections to individuals and organizations spanning over 100 countries. Organization relationships include:

  • Subsidiaries (ownership > 50%)
  • Affiliates (ownership > 50%)
  • Board Members and Senior Officials
  • Affiliated Entities of Board Members and Senior Officials
  • Family members and close associates of Board Members and Senior Officials Individual relationships include:
  • Affiliated entities: All entities in which a Sanctioned Individual currently holds a position
  • Family members and close associates of Sanctioned Individuals


A dataset that’s designed to help you comply with the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act (CISADA) of 2010. CISADA expands upon the 1996 Iran Sanctions Act and the Iranian Transaction Regulations administered by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

The dataset provides detailed, profiles of Iran-relevant entities and the associated individuals and organizations. These are kept current as new information or details emerge. The profiles for each entity include addresses, aliases, connections and relationships to other records, dates of birth when available, and source information.

Information is sourced from foreign Chambers of Commerce, Middle East business advocacy journals, public source research of IRGC-affiliated persons and organizations inside and outside Iran and any subsidiaries under their control, foreign banks conducting business with the IRGC or IRGC front companies; full mining of relevant investigative reporting and key think tank research on Iran.

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Choose your Review

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Choose your Review

Analyzing your screening alerts can be a costly and time-consuming process. Review offers flexible first level alert processing options including a managed option via our team of expert analysts, while our most advanced solution harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to automate alert processing with consistency and precision.

Client Review

Screening results are reviewed by your organization – you make the decisions on your alert responses.

Client Review logo

Analyst Review

Have your first level screening matches reviewed by our team of analysts to remove false positives and irrelevant results. This can significantly reduce your alerts so your team can focus on high priority alerts. Our experienced analysts use proprietary technology to review matches quickly and with high levels of accuracy and quality control. You can define specific guidelines and processing rules for our analysts to follow, so only relevant and prioritized alerts are returned. 

Analyst Review logo

AI Review

If your screening demands the fastest possible alert processing with unlimited scalability, you will benefit from our AI Review capabilities. Your screening matches will be processed without human fatigue or delay, removing false positives and flagging priority alerts. So, you can make faster decisions and manage increased screening volume seamlessly as your organization grows or your risk models evolve. 

AI Review logo


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Leading with technology

Machine learning with AI Review

Our base machine learning model has been trained on millions of alert processing decisions made by our analysts for clients around the world. This data powers the model to accurately determine whether a screening match should be alerted or if it’s a false positive by assigning a confidence score. The base model can be enhanced by training it on data specific to your organization typically in around five to 10 days. This can significantly increase the model’s confidence score, further reducing false positives and helping to prioritize relevant alerts.

AI with human influence 

Our approach to AI is to use models that are explainable and assessed by human expertise pre- and post-implementation. We provide full transparency of our training models and quality control. All model variants, training and test data are retained so that results are auditable and fully traceable. Our model risk management program ensures the ongoing accuracy and performance of this technology, based on best practice guidance from financial regulators.