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Aida contains comprehensive information on companies in Italy, with up to ten years of history. You can use it to research individual companies, search for companies with specific profiles and for analysis.

What information does Aida contain?

Financial strength module

Thanks to ratings from various expert providers, Aida enables full company evaluations, including:

  • Ratings and credit risk analysis
  • A company’s probability of being sold
  • Financial strength indicators
  • Environmental risk rates

Probability of Default module

A tool developed in collaboration with KFinance Economics, who played an essential role in carrying out insolvency analysis (historical analysis and bankruptcy comparisons, single company’s bankruptcy forecast for the current year, default and customizable clusters). Specifically, through this module you can analyze:

  • Credit scores
  • Rating classes
  • Final PD

In addition, it helps you identify potential customers and prospects, evaluate the risk appetite of your own portfolio and weigh your in-house rating system.

BYO Value Module – Micro-enterprises assessment

Generated from the partnership between Bureau van Dijk and SOSE, BYO Value is a decision-making tool integrated in Aida.
In addition to financial data and business sector information on private companies, Aida users can also use the data included in the industry studies database to assess business performance of micro and small enterprises in Italy.

Aida SPL Module and link to Aida PA

Aida SPL module enables you to assess public service companies. Linked to Aida PA, it is a unique tool to assess the group of enterprises owned by local public authorities.

Modulo DFKA

A tool developed in collaboration with DFKA Srl – it helps you research companies’ ratings and find the evaluative standard of the “Fondo di garanzia” for PMI (SME).

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How it helps you

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How it helps you

Aida is easy to use and helps you to find and analyze company information quickly and easily.

  • Search by hundreds of criteria – you can search by trends and over multiple years. You can combine as many criteria as you like and you can use full Boolean logic (and, or, not). When you have identified a group of companies, you can compare them against each other and create both graphs and tables.
  • As the software on Aida is so flexible, you can use it for many different research projects including: detailed financial analysis and credit risk assessment, corporate finance, venture capital and M&A research, sales and marketing including feasibility assessment and generating data for campaigns plus academic study and teaching
  • Import lists related to your own clients to make risk and credit analyses, and comparisons to identify new prospects
  • Create and customize indicators, calculate sector averages, modify report layouts and customize data layouts, comparisons and evaluations, and export data in many electronic formats (Excel, Access …)
  • An Add-in function facilitates the analysis of "live" data from Aida within Excel/Access and Bureau van Dijk's matching software, which allows you to compare your own database records with those that also occur in Aida and update or enhance your data accordingly
  • Market research and benchmarking analysis: deeper knowledge of the client to propose the most suitable solutions, competitor analysis, and company market trends compared to a peer group and market share
  • Calculate financial ratings and scoring
  • Do a detailed financial analysis on a company – you can also include our complementary information about M&A deals and rumours
  • Refer to original filings using our library of scanned images
  • Illustrate financials with our easy-to create graphs
  • Monitor companies using the alert system
  • Look at a company’s corporate structure in a tree diagram and find all companies with the same parent
  • Create and analyze peer groups: each company on Aida is part of a default peer group based on its activity codes
  • Identify Global and Domestic Ultimate Owners (GUO, DUO)
  • Know more about your leads and prospects, improve your CRM system, create prospect lists and develop your business

Aida is the ideal solution for:

  • Credit analysis and risk management
  • Procurement management
  • Corporate finance, M&A and advisory firms
  • Sales and marketing developments
  • Academic research and libraries
  • Transfer pricing analysis


Aida has information on all Italian companies required to file their accounts, approximately 1 million companies.