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Our data products


Specialist products including M&A deals and rumours and economic indicators.

Aida PA is a database of financial data of local public authorities in Italy

Chelem helps you analyze relative national performance

Understand globalization using the only tool that tracks greenfield foreign direct investment and M&A

Economic and financial information on French public authorities and territories

Comprehensive deal data with integrated, detailed company information

The city-by-city guide to product prices and business costs worldwide

A database of macroeconomic indicators and forecasts covering over 200 countries and 45 regional aggregates.

EIU Data Services is a portfolio of dynamic databases covering economic performance and indicators

A credit risk model for countries worldwide

Comparable data to help assess the market size and potential growth of the energy sector around the globe

Comparable data to assess market potential for financial services

A comprehensive database to gauge market size, future trends, growth potential and market risk exposure

A focus on operational risk in countries worldwide

Comparable data to assess the market size and potential growth of the Telecoms and IT sectors around the globe

A tool to support foreign investment decision-making