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We offer the ideal information packages for academic research and learning resources. Our solutions are simple-to-use, detail orientated and have extensive, authoritative coverage.

We deliver information on:

  • private companies in globally comparable formats
  • M&A deals
  • economic metrics
  • banks, insurance companies and non-banking financial institutions
  • corporate ownership structures

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Orbis is the world’s most powerful, comparable data resource on private companies.

When it comes to private company information, you need a certain approach. We capture and treat private company information for more robust research and analysis. Welcome to the business of certainty.

Orbis has information on over 280 million companies from all countries around the world. It’s the resource for company data. And we make it simple to compare companies internationally.

We go further than just providing information, we carefully capture a wide variety of information, then we treat, append and standardise it to make it richer, more powerful and easier to interrogate.

In fact, we capture and treat data from more than 160 separate providers, and hundreds of our own sources, to create Orbis.

The information provided by Orbis comes from a wealth of sources, yet is instantly comparable and searchable.

Research individual companies

Orbis is the ideal tool to verify a company exists and to source company reports – you’re much more likely to find a company report on Orbis than any other company database.

Orbis can provide you with comprehensive company reports, financial strength and ownership information to help you research a company in detail.

Search for companies that fulfil your criteria

With over a hundred search criteria, you can find companies fulfilling very precise profiles on Orbis.

Identify and analyse peer groups

Finding peer groups and comparing companies against each other is quick and easy.

Visualise data

Get graphs, dynamic company structures, pivot analyses and other types of visualisation and analyses to help you understand your results in seconds.

Get as clever with data as you like

Orbis has a new simplified interface that’s easy to use. But look closer and you’ll find hundreds of options that allow you to get really clever with data: customise alerts, do time-series searching, drill down into the financials to see how they’re calculated, create your own variables and classifications, add in your forecast data, use our Add-In for MS Office, it’s all possible using the standard menus.

We are proud to partner with:

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How we help

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Need to research historical data – no problem

We have a 10 year history on Orbis. Our software helps you research changes over time and includes options like time-series searching so you can search for values that are consistent over a number of years.

If you need to go back further than 10 years we have a specific solution - Orbis Historical.

Our historical data solution is more sophisticated than logging into an old disc, or archived version of Orbis. We have:

  • Linked historical data to current live firms. So you can see historical data of firms that you know are still operating today.
  • Made sure all BvDID numbers are compatible with the current version of Orbis, so you don’t need to worry about BvDID number changes over time
  • Given the historical data other ‘treatment’ to make it compatible with our current data. So any changes we’ve made to ratio calculations over time are all replicated in this historical data.

Our historical data should be used within Excel or another analysis tool. Our platform provides access to the relevant data for you to analyse in your own tools – it does not have ‘interrogation software’. You use your access to the hard disc version of Orbis to identify the companies and pull historical data using the company's ID numbers.

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UK data

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UK data – Fame

Fame is the most-used academic resource for UK company research. With its new, contemporary user interface that’s both easy to use and analytically powerful, it’s ideal for both student and academic research.

The software is the same as on Orbis so once you can use one tool you can use both.

Fame delivers:

  • Detailed UK company reports
  • Information on all UK companies – and Irish companies
  • Corporate structures so you can easily see all companies in the same family and how companies are linked to each other
  • Industry codes and trade descriptions
  • Original filed documents
  • Directors and managers
  • News
  • Industry research
  • Data visualisation tools

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Company information for academic institutions

We offer the ideal information packages for academic research and learning resources. Our solutions – including Orbis, the world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies – are simple-to-use, detail-orientated and extensive. This brochure outlines how they will help students and academics.

Academic brochure

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Download your reference guides

Click to download our Orbis and Fame reference guides.

Orbis reference guide

Download now

Fame reference guide

Download now

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Our solutions

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Other solutions for academics:

Comprehensive deal data with integrated, detailed company information

Intelligence on deals and companies

A new database of banks worldwide

Authoritative coverage on financial institutions globally

Free trials

We offer all our products on free trial, but please note we don't offer free trials to undergraduate students - please contact your library if you would like them to assess our products.

Other ways academic institutions use our products

Fundraising and alumni

Our company information products can help you be more effective in developing your relationships with your major donors and alumni. They can help you:

  • Find information on directors and senior professionals
  • Track and research your alumni for fundraising, mentoring and networking projects
  • Prioritise individuals for fundraising projects
  • Run risk assessments on donors to protect your reputation
  • Academic institutions usually qualify for a discounted rate.

Knowledge transfer and development

Our products can help your development team find the ideal companies to promote your facilities, knowledge transfer opportunities and professional development courses to. They can help you:

  • Search for companies by region, activity and size
  • Get alerts on companies you're interested in - so you can contact them with timely offers
  • Enrich your knowledge of companies already on your radar
  • Academic institutions normally qualify for a discounted rate.

Supplier risk management

Our information products are widely used for supplier risk managment. They can help you:

  • understand and monitor your supplier base
  • research the financial strength of your existing, and potential, suppliers
  • help you get a much better understanding of who you're buying from to protect your reputation

Our extensive company hierarchies can show you spend by corporate group. We have both domestic and international data.

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Citing us as your source

We request that if you use our products in academic papers we are cited as

Source: product name, Bureau van Dijk

For example

Source: Orbis, Bureau van Dijk.

For more information please email

We understand the academic market and we have specialist consultative sales teams ready to help you with your enquiry – get in touch for a free trial.